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R & D Hall

WHCM believe in that technological innovation is the basis for the development of enterprise. We invested over 5% of the sales income into the technological innovation every year. We have the professional team for technological innovation, including 88 R&D personnel, 8 national registered auditors, over 30 senior engineers and 40 intermediate engineers. WHCM is also the Shandong Research Center of Engineering Technology and Shandong Enterprise Technology Center.

WHCM own magnetic drive testing lab, agitator simulation lab, etc. our technology strength is tremendous. We have undertaken nearly 200 items of autonomous/cooperative R&D tasks until 2015, including 25 provincial new product R&D tasks and 23 products among them have reached the domestic leading level. WHCM has achieved 21 provincial and municipal technology innovation awards. We have participated in the developing 2 items of national standards and 1 item of industry standard. WHCM has achieved 15 patents, including 1 patent of invention and 14 patents of utility. WHCM own 20 items of patent technologies and core technologies.

WHCM has also attached great importance to the industry-university-institute cooperation, using the resources of colleges and universities to improve enterprise product development. We have established technical cooperative relationship with many domestic colleges and universities, including Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shandong University, etc.


3D Mapping

In order to meet the marketing develop requirement, showing the effort drawings to our client intuitively and succinctly, and also helping us to analyze the potential problems during fabrication, we finally decided to adopt SolidWorks to design equipment instead of AutoCAD.

SolidWorks advantages combined with 2D software:

(1)The equipment drawings can be shown intuitively by using SolidWorks. We can also judge if there is any interference existing between the nozzles and pipes connection to finally reduce the potential problems during drawings designing.

(2)We can also analyze the stirring fluid by using SolidWorks, which could show the stirring effort. It`s very important to carry out stirring simulation analysis for a new type agitator designing.

(3)SolidWorks can also give the net weight of the equipment, which is very convenient to calculate the weight. This is very useful to the goods dispatch or other conditions which may need calculate the equipment weight accurately.

(4)SolidWorks can generate the interactive animation directly, which can show the equipment to our client or on the exhibitions, since 3D graph is also very easy to understand.

(1)In the reaction kettle applications area, using SolidWorks can show our clients the best presentations and stirring simulation analysis.


(2)In the tower application area, SolidWorks can help to calculate the weight, meanwhile check if there`s any interference before fabrication.


(3)In heat exchanger application area, SolidWorks can show the best effort graph to the client, meanwhile calculate the weight.


(4)In the package equipment application area, SolidWorks can not only show the best effort graph to the client, but also lay out the pipe sketch, which is useful to the fabrication.


Mixing Research
Mixing Laboratory

Agitator Lab is specifically used for the study of agitator mixing. The lab has equipped with many experimental instruments, comprehensive test-bed for measuring the relevant parameters of the mixer.  The lab has also equipped high performance computers, CFD software and FEA calculation software, which could be used for the simulation analysis of flow field and carrying out the stirring simulation experiment according to the client`s requirement.



Agitator lab is specialized in stirring power rate testing and flow field observing, which is equiped with free lifting mixer, glass tank, laser emitter, high performance computer and camera. Mixing contrast test stand is equiped with double free lifting mixers, glass tank, high performance computer and other detectors. Mixing contrast test stand is specialized in the comparison of the two different kinds of agitators with the same operation conditions. Based on the comparison result, we can finally get a better type of agitator.

Software Design

We have collected about 10 years agitator running records, which could provide the much similar solutions to the project requirement, then choosing the right agitator type, agitator numbers and  shaft diameter. Finally confirming the best agitating solution by calculating its running power rate.


CFD software can widely used in the flow field analysis, agitator blade torque calculation, flow distribution analysis, gas content, etc.

CFD (flow field analysis) software and FEA (finite element) calculating software


CFD modeling analysis


Mixing vector diagram



Patent Certificate

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